About us

V-Store is a limited private company registered in Tanzania with it's head office at Mikocheni, Dar Es Salaam.

We offer and assist in ordering and purchasing of goods online and physically from United States of America (USA) online stores.
Also we assist in shipping the goods purchased from USA to Tanzania through air using airplane cargo and water using cargo ship in containers.

To read more about our shipping, payment, and privacy policies, click here.

Goods that are purchased from USA from different states, are shipped to the collection warehouse were by from there, they will be shipped to Tanzania using reputable shipping company that can deliver the goods in a shortest period with the quality being maintained. Upon arrival, V-Store will collect the goods from the delivery point and inform the customer on whether to pickup or make delivery of the goods.

To read more about the allowed goods that can be ordered, purchased, shipped, to know what kind of shipping media the goods will be subjected to, and payment terms, see our terms and conditions by clicking here.

For inquiries, please drop us a message on our contact page and we will be happy to assist you.

Our Address

Hekima Garden, Eyasi Road,
Mikocheni, Dar Es Salaam,

Our Contacts

Phone: +255 22 270 0204
Support: support@v-store.co.tz
Sales: sales@v-store.co.tz